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welcome to dynamic broadband

High speed wireless internet without land line. Low cost installation, Just €29 euro a month - Nerja - Torrox - Frigiliana - Competa - Canillas - La Herradura - Salobrena - Almunecar

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Dynamic broadband. Low cost wireless connection

  • No land line required
  • Low cost Installation
  • High speed broadband connection
  • 12 month contract or PayGo with no contract terms
  • Small discrete antenna (23cm)
  • Reliable connection
  • Professional grade equipment
  • Low cost or free telephone calls anywhere (free setup included)
  • Money back guarantee


Our coverage areas for Spain

Nerja , Frigiliana , Torrox Pueblo, Torrox Costa, Torrox Park, Torrox - Competa Valley, Competa Town, Arches Canillas De Albaida, Corumbella, Punta Lara, Los Tablazos, Las Lomas De Frigiliana, Maro, Sayalonga, Cero Gordo, Arenas, Canillas de Aceituno, Periana, Velez Malaga,Algarrobo, Algarrobo costa, Manzano, Manzano Alto, Caleta De Velez, Sedella, Salares,Salobrena, La Herradura, Punta de la Mona , San Antonio, San Nicolas, La mezquita.
Almuñecar: Los Pinos ,Rancho Rio verde, Rio Verde, Rio Seco, Rio Seco Alto, Los Bañuelos, Gelibra , Cotobro, Atalaya, Marina del Este, Citalsol, Urb. Fuentes, Taramay, Playa Velilla, Playa Cabria, Curumbico, Loma del Gato, Urb. Delta, Urb. Alfamar, and Otivar y Lentei.

Newest coverage areas for Spain

Lake Vinuela, Perriana, Mondron, Puente Don Manuel, Las Castillas, Los Castillejos, Los Romanes, Venta Baja, El Cero, Alcaucin


Wireless Internet for Costa Del Sol  

Dynamicbroadband from €29 per month

Equipment comes as a DIY package including cables €99
Wireless Access Point (optional) €59
Installation (optional)
prices Include IVA

fixed monthly fee based on all year round usage €29
Minimum 12 months contract


Dynamicbroadband PayGo

Equipment comes as a DIY package including cables €99
Wireless Access Point (optional) €59
Installation (optional) €59
prices Include IVA

PayGo tariffs available here.



Dynamicbroadband frequently asked questions


What does it cost for the equipment ? Dynamicbroadband upto2Mbps *€19 per month "Pay as you Go"
€99 inclusive of VAT. This includes a small discrete Antenna/router which is supplied as a DIY kit. once fixed outside your property with 'Line Of Sight' to one of our repeaters. A single network cable connects this device to your PC or Laptop via a standard LAN connection. Once connected, no software or dial up required. Simply turn on the computer and open your web browser.

Will I own the equipment?
Yes the equipment belongs to you. Contract clients will own the equipment after 12 months subscription. However we guarantee the kit for the life duration of your subscription.

Optional indoor wifi access points are available from us, They are pre configured ready to simply plug in to the outdoor router,they cost €59.00 .

What is the monthly fee and will I have to pay anything extra?
For long term users the cost is €29.00 per month inclusive of IVA and that's the total. No additional charges for connection time or data. Data has no limit in terms of how many Mb or Gb (fair usage applies)

What speed internet do you offer?
Our standard rate offers connections of up to 3Mbps Often at quieter times many customers experience faster speeds. The truth is we offer the best available speed when possible. Like ALL ISP's its impossible to guarantee speeds all the time.

How do I pay the monthly fee?
We can take most methods of payment (Pay Pal included) but we prefer a standing order. As the price is fixed you ask your bank in Spain to pay the set amount into our account on the 1st of each month. This is the safest most secure way. Unlike direct debit, you have control over the amount and can start and stop the payments at will.

What If I leave or go home for a while. Do I still pay the monthly fee?
We expect our contract users to be here and pay all of the year. However if you are away for a long periods, we can allow you to take up to 3 full month payment breaks any time throughout the year. At these times your connection will be switched to PayGo and no payment is required. If you are in the 1st year of your contract we will extend your contract for as long as your payment break. This will ensure that you make at least 12 full payments. For Users that spent less time in Spain we recommend our Pogo option.

How do use PayGo if I'm not here all the time?
We offer our PayGo system to those users that frequently come to Spain but do not live here all year around. When you first turn on you PC or Laptop and connect to our equipment, any web request will be diverted to our online PayGo login page (see example here) (Demonstration only! You must be connected to our network with our equipment for the payments to work correctly!). Here you can select from many options. Daily access, Weekly access or Monthly access. Once you select an option you will need to complete a small online form for our accounts. Next you will be sent to the Pay pal web site where you can use a credit or debit card or use an existing Pay pal account to pay. Payments are processed instantly and full access to the internet will be available as soon as payment is processed. Pay Pal offers a safe and reliable method to pay. We can also accept bank transfers and upon receipt of payment we will e-mail you a 'Login Ticket' with a user name and password.

Can I switch from broadband4spain or any other provider.
Yes, we do not charge anything to swap you to our network. Recent customers wishing to switch have been told that the equipment they have is not owned by them. In this event Nerja solutions will offer a very free deal for those in this situation. Please compare our prices with those of our competitors. www.broadband4spain.com

If I move can I take it with me?
Yes providing you move to an area covered by our service. However if the equipment belongs to you so you may be able to use the equipment with another provider.

Are you regulated or registered with any authorities bodies?
Yes we have registered with the Spanish CMT. (Equivalent of OFCOM in the UK) We are registered with LOPD. We also have our tax papers available for inspection. Registered as a valid autonomous business here in Spain since 1998
NIF X-2984710-T

See our broadband blog to follow the network status and uptime. www.dynamicbroadband.blogspot.com

*broadband4spain is the trademark of Rebeloak S.L , the trademark is being used without permission, and that the publication of the trademark is not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by the trademark owner.


All of our customers are asked to complete a satisfaction questionnaire.

All of the responses have been very positive. We have kept ALL of our feed back sheets and have them in the office for you to view at any time.