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Hundreds of channels from the UK, Spain, USA and Germany

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The best UK IPTV (internet TV) on the Costa del Sol. BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Five and many more. Now you can watch UK TV without a satellite dish.

Due to recent and ongoing changes with the astra2E satellite fleet, receiving UK free to view or freesat stations like BBC and ITV has become nearly impossible. This change effects All free-to-view stations across all dish based platforms including sky digital. To continue to receive stations via a conventional dish, it is estimated that it would need to be up to 3m in diameter, this is impossible for most domestic users. Our product is a true TV experience. No complex VPNs or tricky web based viewing. We have all your favourite British television channels included in our service and all of them are available with a full seven days catch-up service. No dish is required, just a simple set top box, internet connection and HDMI cable to your TV.

The service is a true TV experience where we deliver TV content directly to your home using a blend of proven internet streaming technologies and in-house innovations; optimised to give you the best UK TV experience from the comfort of your lounge without the need for PCs or Laptops and no need for any satellite dish. The astra2 service is available on our set top box but as an extra, we offer a service for your home computer, smartphone and tablet. Supported devices include:

  • Our quality Set-top Box. Best in Class with HTML5 and H264
  • Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac Computers
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

We’re big enough to handle thousands of viewers, and small enough to directly support your custom. Many online services offer access to watch UK TV by laptop or PC and connecting through complicated virtual private networks (VPNs) or proxy servers, but these solutions only allow access to services you might not have access to such as iPlayer and 4OD. We are different. We give you a true live TV experience akin to the one you have become accustomed to when using a modern satellite or cable service. You can watch TV channels live on your regular TV, catchup on anything aired in the last 7 days, and because we are using the internet to deliver content we can deliver it anywhere you have internet access.

Smart-time 30 day catch up. We record so you don’t have to! We keep every single program on our servers for you to watch when your ready. For great content like dramas, documentaries, movies, comedy shows, and soaps, we keep for a full 30 days. This means you never have the need to miss a thing. You don’t even have to remember to record!. Other content like news, breakfast tv, kids and less important content is kept for a full 7 days.

As with all online streaming video services you will need a constant internet connection. We recommended that your internet connection’s download speed be at least 2.5Mbs, where most internet service providers (ISP) provide between 5Mbs and 15Mbs when using ADSL. Fibre-optic connections are typically many times faster.

If you are unfamiliar or uncertain regarding your internet connection speed we recommend using one of the many online connection speed testing services to get an exact, and practical, measurement of your connections capabilities. One such site we use is Speedtest.net. Please remember when using such a service it is the download speed that is important, not the upload speed.


Internet TV
  • Hundreds of channels from the UK, Spain, USA and Germany
  • Built in Catch up TV and video club with the latest movies
  • Mag 250 required

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